Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hi Everyone!

I'm excited to share my experiences about learning photography with you. I decided to start this blog because I know how hard it is to find answers, especially when you're not even sure of what the questions are. I hope you find my insights and opinions helpful!
Let's get started.

I have found that professional photographers will tell you, "It's not about the equipment; the camera does what you tell it to. It's seeing something from a different angle/perspective, understanding balance, having a creative eye, being able to envision what you want to capture, etc." when in reality it is about the equipment when you first start out. Until you have a camera to work with, it is pretty hard to know if you have a creative eye or what your vision abilities are, let alone understand balance or perspective. The technology today gives us such a vast array of choices in makes and models of  cameras and lenses that it makes it very hard for a beginner to know where to start.

Canon 60D camera
Canon EOS 60D
I bought my first dslr camera June 11, 2011 from Best Buy; a Canon 60D with an 18-135mm kit lens.

Prior to this I had a Olympus point and shoot that I did love, but since have given it to my daughter-in-law, Georgia, who has a wonderful blog, Craft Sew Love Grow.

I found the Canon 60D to be a great first camera for me. It has many great features and can easily be used by a first time DSLR camera user. I think any of the entry level DSLR's are a great choice to start out with. I researched a lot before buying, which at times made me want to pull  my hair out. I will cover my reasons for why I bought this in a future post.

Sunrise On the Bay Front
I started out shooting family and local landscapes. I then moved on to capture (I've found photographers don't say, "take a picture of") birds and macro shots. One of the things I love about photography is that every time I photograph something it looks different. It's hard for photography to get boring when the world is so big and there is so much to learn!

I will give you a lot more detail on the cameras I have tried, the lenses I have, where I am learning this stuff, the lingo and terminology of the trade,  tripods, filters, oh the filters, and much more in future blogs. What I don't know, we will learn together and hopefully make me a better photographer.  Oh, and I am a photographer, which I realized when I noticed that I was no longer looking at my surroundings; I was truly seeing everything...and the light.

Have a great day!